Leader and Supervisor Development

Supporting leaders and supervisors through small group workshops or individual coaching.

Exploring thinking and behavioural preferences through psychometric assessments and individual reports.

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Teamwork and Teambuilding

Embedding organisational changes and developments in work teams.

Assisting work teams in becoming more effective and collaborative through understanding why others are “like that” and how to work with them.

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Transformation/Transition Support

Revising job descriptions in support of organisational restructure.

Transfer of knowledge and succession planning processes.

Integrating new immigrant workforce into New Zealand and YOUR organisational culture.

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Well-being and Staff Engagement

Occupational Stress asssesment and stress management workshops or coaching sessions.

Staff engagement survey developed to explore drivers of variables that are key to YOUR organisation.

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Andrea Polzer is an Auckland-based Human Resources consultancy focused on facilitating development and change for individuals and organisations.
As development facilitator Dr Andrea Polzer-Debruyne assists in building organisational success by aligning the activities of your organisation, your teams and individual staff members.

Andrea PolzerTypically I work with the unique characteristics and business aspirations of my clients, tailoring my services to their needs and situations.

Within a partnership approach I facilitate the translation of your vision and strategy into practices and activities working towards meaningful change and development of your organisation and people.

In assisting my clients I draw on my extensive experience and use evidence-based research in the fields of Psychology and Human Resources as well as my analytical skills and plain common sense.When the project requires, I collaboratively work with highly skilled and experienced experts complementing my own skills and serving the needs of my clients.

Myself and every associate with Andrea Polzer Consultancy stay up-to-date through actively collaborating in New Zealand-based and international research projects with universities and fellow practitioners.

Although Andrea Polzer is based in Auckland, New Zealand, we are happy to work with private and public sector organisations in other locations by arrangement.

Working with my clients I commit to:
Keeping the vision and goals of the client always in sight
Acting in partnership to find the most workable solutions for the client
Working towards creating synergy between organisation, team and individual
Challenging the status-quo and promoting development-focused solutions
Asking sometimes uncomfortable questions about the ‘elephant in the room’
Facilitating organisational and individual learning
Stimulating engagement and assisting individuals to perform better
Valuing and working with cultural and individual differences
Demonstrating high levels of integrity and professionalism