conference-presentationsEngaging, motivating and informing conference presentations on a variety of topics, for example:

  • Gaining influence through communication
  • The power of body language
  • The mindful leader
  • Getting the most out of stress
  • Change and your comfort zone

Speak NZ
Most recently Andrea Polzer-Debruyne and Peter Donoghue (Speak NZ)

opened the EA/PA Conference in Auckland with their 45 minute presentation on Effective communication skills for building rapport and influence’.

Below is a selection of participant comments forwarded to the organiser (Conferenz, Auckland) about that team presentation:

  • “Thoroughly enjoyed this section, informative”
  • “Excellent + interactive”
  • “Great presenters, very engaging, good humour”
  • “Inspiring, great ideas”
Inviting a guest speaker to your organisation’s conference
can bring a fresh perspective and different energy in
support of your own message.