Document Revision

In successful developments and organisational restructures,
the vision provided by leaders is clarified and the strategy imbedded in documents
that give all employees the direction towards knowing where they fit in
and what the new parameters are.

As development facilitator I assist organisations of all sizes in reviewing and revising their human resources – related documentation such as:

  • Job descriptions (i.e. tasks, responsibilities, accountabilities and success criteria)
  • Person specifications (i.e. Knowledge, Skills, Abilities -KSA’s –  required for the roles)
  • Interview guides (i.e. their link to the competencies required for the job)
  • Performance feedback and management processes
  • Positive approach to progressive discipline
Support can be given through analysing role requirements, identifying the associated KSA’s and assisting in development or revision of relevant Human Resources documentation.Emphasis is placed on being mindful of the documentation’s purpose in relation to the strategic direction, organisational culture and the end-users
of the documents.