“Successful transformation of organisations is 70-90% leadership and only 10-30% management” (Kotter, 1996)

Management creates timelines, budgets, processes and procedures necessary for the strategic planning and implementation of change.

Leadership creates the vision for that change and the paths of how this vision can be achieved.

Leaders mobilise and align the people, while managers provide the parameters for the change –both are essential for successful change and development.

As development facilitator I assist leaders and supervisors in gaining or expanding their leader development skills through:

Because there is no one, right approach I will discuss with each client the type of support best suited to the situation and the people involved.

My support can be one-off, on-going, or on an as-needed basis.

It can involve one-on-one coaching, small group workshops, psychometric assessments, on-line contact or any combination of those.