staff-engagementEngaged Employees:

  • belief in the organisation
  • are willing to go the extra mile
  • desire to work making things better
  • understand basic business concepts and the ‘bigger picture’
  • are respectful of and helpful to colleagues and customers

(see IES Research Report, 2004)


In collaboration with Alexander McEwan Consulting Staff Engagement surveys can be developed to explore the drivers of employee attitudes that are key to YOUR organisation. Surveys we have previously developed for clients explored.

  • Business ethics,
  • Impact of restructures,
  • Potential areas for improvements, as well as
  • Drivers of staff satisfaction


Our survey reports contain recommendations and practical tips that make sense for YOUR organisation
and that YOUR organisation can implement – with or without further support from us.


Our research-based staff engagement surveys are developed for our clients taking into consideration their needs and budgets. The recommendations we make based on the survey results are practical and discussed in detail with the client.