“Well managed change is characterised by minute attention to detail, a focus on the individual, tools and training to enable all parts of the organisation to play their part and a practical timeframe that invests time upfront to ensure a low productivity dip and a rapid approach to the desired end state.”

(Chris Blake, Chief Executive, Department of Labour, NZ, September 2011)

Organisational change and development is often driven by financial or market necessities. The months before and after structural changes, or the growth of new contracts and business opportunities, can be ‘full-on’ for the organisation and/or its Human Resources specialists.

As development facilitator I can be of assistance along the new paths by:

Because there is no one, right approach I will discuss with each client the type of support best suited to the situation and the people involved.My support can be one-off, on-going, or on an as-needed basis.