“Views are that restructures tend to create ‘nervous, wary staff’, a ‘loss of engagement’, ‘inertia’ and ‘reduced work outputs’. A restructuring can paralyse an organisation for a year and distract from on-going business.”

(Future State 2 – Working Paper 6. Victoria University, Wellington, 2010)


Feeling valued and involved is one of the key drivers to Staff Engagement and supports Employee Well-being – especially in times of organisational change or economic uncertainty.

(IES Research Report, 2004)

Employees are a great source of knowledge and understanding.

Although few modern organisations are run as ‘Collectives’, it makes financial sense, and is best practice, to involve employees in identifying what makes them ‘tick’ at work and what may stress them.

Employee surveys can be valuable diagnostic tools for exploring potential stumbling blocks and highlighting areas of strengths.

Regardless whether small, medium-sized or large organisations, I work with my clients to determine the most appropriate way of identifying sources of employee engagement and/or stress. I will make practical and research-based recommendations, and can assist with their implementation.