Psychometric Assessment Tools

work-psychologyI am accredited to administer, interpret and give feedback using the following psychometric tools:

  • Saville Consulting Wave Styles Questionnaire
  • Saville Consulting Aptitude Series
  • Hogan Business Reasoning Inventory – managers and executives


Psychology Based Services

In association with Alexander McEwan Consulting, Auckland, I can also offer the following psychology-based services:

  • Jungian Type Indicator (JTI) – self-awareness, team building
  • Staff attitude surveys – tailored to YOUR needs and focusing on identifying the key drivers of staff attitude (e.g. satisfaction, commitment)
  • Business Ethics / Climate surveys – tailored to YOUR needs and focus
  • Occupational Stress Inventory – OSI-revised – workplace stress evaluation and identification of the main workplace stress sources


Furthermore, I am accredited to incorporate the TetraMap® System in my work.

TetramapTetraMap® is not a psychometric test, but it is very effective and intuitive. It:

  • is a model, tool and framework used to accelerate positive change.
  • triggers the combined power of different personal styles.
  • overcomes internal silos, improves leadership and increases sales.
  • offers structured training tools to lift service, planning and communication performance.

                                                         (TetraMap® is a registered trademark of TetraMap International in New Zealand and other countries)

Because there is no one, right approach I will discuss with the client the type of support best suited to the situation and the people. My support can be one-off, on-going, or on an as-needed basis.